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Lenny Kravitz Forum (page 3)
This is the fan area. Please fill free to leave your message!
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Simonsin (14/04/2005 12:14)
I wish I was in Charlotte.... Lenny come to Ireland pleaaaaase....
lacy (14/04/2005 09:14)
what is the name of the new lenny song on the radio? it's kinda slow. i know the melody, but none of the words...i just know they play it on the local station all the time, so it must be new!
Michael (13/04/2005 21:13)
Thanks Miranda. She was amazing! A little bit of Lenny and Janis Joplin rolled into one...

Happy birthday girl... So that was you that he gave his t-shirt to... Rock on...
miranda (13/04/2005 04:13)
opening act was nikka costa!!! she totally rocked!!!!
maddychick (13/04/2005 04:13)
Hey Kids! I'm seeing Lenny in less than a week. What's the set list of this tour???? Anyone?? :) :) :)
Michael (12/04/2005 23:12)
The show in Charlotte rocked! Does anyone know the name of the opening female singer. I wanted to pick up her cd...
Rock on Lenny!
leigh (12/04/2005 12:12)
lenny u hav 2nd nicest ass 2 me [1st iz slalsh's guns n roses :) ] luvya babe xxxxx leigh
miranda (12/04/2005 04:12)
lenny, thanks for the sweaty t-shirt!! that and you wishing me happy b-day was the best present ever!! i want to also thank you for putting on an amazing show in charlotte (4/10/05) you are a beautiful person! oh yeah, if anyone has pics from that show...could you please email them to me??
shades (12/04/2005 01:12)
Where can I get info about all Lenny's sunglasses?
Silas (12/04/2005 00:12)
I was wondering if anyone went the the shoe last night (4/10/05) @ Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte and has 1) A set list and 2) Pictures they can email me. Thanks. It was an incredible show. I've seen hundred's of shows & this one was one of the best. Highly recommended.
Simonsin (09/04/2005 03:9)
Diana!!!! You attended the 2 mexico's concerts?
Can you post the set list, some pictures, an short article?
How was the show!!!!
Diana (08/04/2005 20:8)
I really love Lenny Kravitz, his songs, his outfit, his lyrics all of them...
I'm from Mexico and I love his 2 concerts!!!!!
I just know that I love Lenny 4 ever!!!!
venus (07/04/2005 18:7)
Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edmond (07/04/2005 17:7)
"Always On The Run", is one hell of a funky track, complete with a fat horn section reminiscent of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and a guitar solo from Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. Slash had said that he often saw Kravitz during high school, and while they never really talked, both were known as the big black rock freaks of Hollywood High School.

What do you think of Slashs solos on Lenny albums? I'm just found of them!

(They later found out they also shared a love of a green leafy substance.)
venus (07/04/2005 16:7)
venus (07/04/2005 16:7)
Lenny do you want to be the king fo my heart?
Mikaela (31/03/2005 10:31)
I love lenny kravitz, he is so hot and he writes so good music
jay (26/03/2005 12:26)
here's some photos of lenny and mick jagger.
ahmed (25/03/2005 18:25)
megan ewing was the girl in believe in me
ahmed (25/03/2005 18:25)
whos the girl from the believe in me video
Antonio (18/03/2005 06:18)
Sunglass!!! To buy the same sunglasses won't bring you Lenny's voice!
You should try something else...
sunglass (14/03/2005 08:14)
does anyone know what brand sunglasses lenny wears in the california video??
Antonio (10/03/2005 12:10)
The US tour dates have been displayed! I haven't seen Lenny live yet, I won't miss him this time!
youknowme... (04/03/2005 16:4)
Im proud of you. I hope you can also be proud of me...
Simon (27/02/2005 04:27)
Hi, I'm a young guitar player, I'd like to thank you Lenny for the beautifull riffs you created. Always on the run, Are you gonna go my way, Fly Away and so.... you are so creative!
flo7777 (25/02/2005 20:25)

I live in Paris and I had the opportunity of having been at the distance of 20 meters of you so I can live in peace now, I'm joking this is so difficult to see you but I just want you to know that I love your lyrics so bye
erwan (17/02/2005 17:17)
when will be an asian tour?
Where ARE we runnin'? (16/02/2005 06:16)
Apparently a lot of people don't seem to care about this album. I was really surprised to see that this is only the twentieth review for it. Basically, I've always been a fan of Lenny Kravitz, but like another reviewer said, things have been going south since 5. Take his last album, Lenny, for example: it was one of those albums that critics loved but fans hated. I agreed with the rest of the fans, because aside from "Dig In", it really didn't have much to offer. And I hoped that Baptism would be a step up, but it's not. But it's not a step DOWN either; it's more like an equivalent of walking in place.
Youknowme (11/02/2005 09:11)
Thanks for the Angels!
Is there a chance to meet you? Give me a sign please.
Ha Kuna mattata? (10/02/2005 13:10)
No more Slashes please

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